Driverless baggage tractor deployed at Toulouse Airport, France

Written by mashvp

In a collaborative effort, EasyMile, Alyzia Group, and TLD have initiated the operation of the latest TractEasy autonomous tractor at Toulouse airport. This vehicle, capable of Level 4 autonomy, is designed to tow luggage without human intervention.

Launching the Autonomous Tow Tractor to Address Airport Challenges

At Toulouse Blagnac airport, EasyMile has undertaken a test project to showcase the potential of autonomous vehicles in enhancing luggage and cargo handling.

Since November 2022, the TractEasy tractor has been active at this international hub, proving its capability for driverless operation from the aircraft to the baggage area.

The ongoing pilot at Toulouse-Blagnac involves comprehensive testing on typical airport infrastructures such as intersections, roundabouts, and turning circles, under various weather conditions like rain, fog, and snow.

This initiative aims to tackle prevalent airport challenges including labor shortages and the necessity for heightened operational efficiency.

TractEasy is also operational at other major locations including Narita International in Japan, Schiphol in the Netherlands, and Changi Airport in Singapore, as well as key automotive and logistics centers across Europe and the United States.

Collaboration Among Global Leaders for a Local Initiative

The Toulouse project is a testament to the synergy between global leaders convened by Toulouse-based EasyMile.

Among the partners is Alvest Group, a worldwide frontrunner in the design, manufacture, and distribution of specialized aeronautical products including ground support equipment, spare parts, and technical adhesives for airports and airlines.