EZTow Enhances Outdoor Material Transport at BMW Group’s Dingolfing Factory

Written by mashvp

At the heart of BMW Group’s Dingolfing factory, TractEasy’s EZTow is revolutionizing the way PHS-hardened sheet metal parts are transported outdoors. This autonomous tow tractor exemplifies innovation in automated outdoor towing at an industrial scale.

Integration with Existing Traffic Systems

Drawing upon extensive experience from autonomous operations across more than 300 sites in over 30 countries, EZTow’s primary function at the Dingolfing site involves the outdoor transportation of PHS-hardened sheet metal. The electrically powered tractor boasts an impressive towing capacity of up to 15 tonnes. When combined with three trailers, the EZTow extends over 16 meters in length and navigates autonomously at speeds of up to 10 km/h. Its sophisticated navigation is powered by GPS satellite guidance and lidar technology, enabling a detailed 3D mapping of its environment.

Critical to the BMW plant, which is already leveraging automated technologies, EZTow seamlessly integrates into the current traffic infrastructure. This includes coordination with two types of outdoor tugger trains, an autonomous self-driving cargo box, and another piece of equipment from Stäubli-WFT.

Automating Plant Operations with EZTow

BMW’s Dingolfing plant, the largest vehicle production location in Europe, has been at the forefront of integrating automated transport systems to streamline its complex logistics and manufacturing processes. From autonomous tugger trains and intelligent transport robots to specialized forklifts, the introduction of advanced vehicles like EZTow is enhancing efficiency and has become a pivotal element in the factory’s production environment.

These automated systems play a crucial role in simplifying logistics and improving the organization of plant operations, marking a significant step forward in the adoption of autonomous technologies in industrial settings.