Autonomous cargo towing at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Written by TractEasy
Autonomous cargo towing at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has tested the EZTow autonomous tractor, demonstrating its safety and efficiency in airside operations. The vehicle successfully navigated a half-mile cargo loop on demand, transporting goods across the airport’s West Cargo airfield.

Autonomous Cargo Transportation on a Fixed Route

In a recent trial, DFW implemented the EZTow electric tow-tractor to autonomously move tons of cargo along a designated route. This project was a collaborative effort between DFW, EasyMile, and Menzies Aviation. TractEasy consistently performed as expected, proving to be both reliable and efficient.

Paul Puopolo, EVP Innovation at DFW Airport, stated, “DFW is committed to building a future based on efficient operations, business resiliency, and leading-edge safety and security. Electric, autonomous vehicle trials like this help us understand their potential more clearly and aid longer-term operations and infrastructure planning. Partnerships like this one with Menzies and EasyMile bring to life real opportunities to help deliver on our promise of ‘Travel. Transformed.’”

Greener, More Efficient Operations

Maxime Mahieu, CEO of Smart Airport Systems, remarked, “At TLD, Smart Airport Systems, we are delighted to see DFW as the first major passenger hub to test autonomous towing live for ‘Leaner & Greener’© operations, aiming for zero ground emissions.”

Robert Fordree, EVP World Cargo Services at Menzies Aviation, added, “Electric, autonomous ground support vehicles have the potential to improve productivity and reduce emissions, which is why we were excited to be involved in the TEZ trial. We are exploring the latest technologies and ways to collaborate with airports, customers, and suppliers across our global network to enhance our cargo operations and help advance our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, Menzies’ 200th anniversary. With efficiency and sustainability in mind, we are already investing in a range of solutions such as automation, warehouse robotics, and GPS tracking to ensure we are at the forefront of the air cargo industry.”