ISITEC International partners with TractEasy

Written by TractEasy
TractEasy's Autonomous Tow Tractor

Millery, April 9, 2024 – As an expert in the automation of logistics processes, particularly in the industrial sector, ISITEC International announces its first partnership with TractEasy. Newly created at the beginning of 2024, TractEasy is the result of a joint venture between two French companies: EasyMile, a world leader in intelligent technology, and TLD, a world leader in airport equipment.

The partnership with TractEasy aligns with ISITEC International’s strategy to expand its range of intralogistics solutions and innovate in mobile robotics, integrating cutting-edge outdoor autonomous technologies to optimize and accelerate logistics flows in open-air settings on large industrial sites. The electric vehicle EZTow is the perfect solution, providing driverless transport of heavy loads up to 20 tons safely, efficiently, and with zero carbon emissions. Proof of its effectiveness, the EZTow is already operating in three shifts at the BMW Group’s Dingolfing plant in Germany. TractEasy was also recently selected by the JOHN DEERE industrial group as a global supplier of autonomous handling systems. Additionally, the world’s leading automotive supplier has chosen the EZTow solution coupled with ISITEC International’s automation expertise for its production site in Romania.


Gilles Poderos, Managing Director of ISITEC International, tells us, “The autonomous electric tractor EZTow is a response to manufacturers’ needs to push further in automation, particularly for external routes between zones, to address several challenges from reducing drudgery in the face of labor shortages to minimizing the ecological impact of transport while enhancing global competitiveness.” He adds, “In the near future, we can envision ‘end-to-end’ automation with mobile robots loading the autonomous vehicle EZTow. We are preparing for this by developing a Fleet Management System solution to control a fleet of collaborative robots both on and off the factory floor. As part of its partnership with TractEasy, ISITEC International is responsible for sales and after-sales service for the EZTow solution in France and Europe.”

Clément Masson, EMEA Business Development Director at TractEasy, comments: “At a time of competitive and sustainable reindustrialization in Europe, robotics and intelligent equipment such as the EZTow will enable manufacturers to increase operational productivity, improve working conditions, and enhance their attractiveness, particularly in the transport and logistics sectors where recruitment is under severe pressure. Highly flexible and safe, the EZTow vehicle, marketed by TractEasy, opens up a whole new world of possibilities in autonomous intralogistics transport, adapting to all environmental conditions inside or outside a plant. With dimensions of 3200mm long by 1900mm wide, it can tow up to four trailers, carrying out transport/transfer operations 24/7 at a maximum speed of 15 km/h in autonomous mode safely and efficiently. The result of a collaboration between TLD and EasyMile, the TractEasy vehicle equipped with EasyMile’s autonomous mobility technology platform is manufactured in France.

Commenting on the partnership, Clément Masson explains, ‘With ISITEC International, which has numerous references in the industrial world, we have forged a win/win relationship to accelerate the deployment of our solution in factories and warehouses throughout Europe. ISITEC International’s expertise and responsiveness in the field of automation ensure that in addition to installing our solution, manufacturers benefit from best practices in process automation and a service environment that meets their operational challenges.’ He concludes, ‘What’s more, we share with ISITEC International, a member of the French Fab like EasyMile, a member of French Tech, the same desire to promote innovation ‘made in France’ internationally. In this respect, we are delighted with the first commercial successes we have achieved together in the European automotive industry.'”


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