John Deere Driverless Tractor for Efficient Logistics
John Deere Harvester Works, IL, ME, USA
John Deere Adopts Driverless EZTow for Efficient Logistics and Tractor Parts Transport
<p>John Deere is using the EZTow autonomous tow tractor, manufactured by TractEasy, to enhance its supply chain operations. After a successful initial testing phase, the EZTow tractor has been integrated into John Deere’s supplier base.</p>
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Autonomous cargo towing at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, TX, USA
<p>Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has tested the EZTow autonomous tractor, demonstrating its safety and efficiency in airside operations. The vehicle successfully navigated a half-mile cargo loop on demand, transporting goods across the airport’s West Cargo airfield.</p>
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Changi Airport, Singapore
Autonomous Baggage Tractors Enhance Operations at Changi Airport
<p>A fleet of EZTow autonomous baggage tractors is currently facilitating operations at Singapore’s Changi Airport, as part of a pioneering trial in driverless technology.</p>
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